Avocado trees

Hello Ross, I have a Pinkerton Avo in a pot and they (like a lot of other trees) seem to shed their old leaves just before or as they put out new leaves. Mine at the moment is starting to put out new leaves and flowers. I wouldn't worry about what is happening to the old leaves as long as the tree sends out new leaves soon. I water mine deeply once a week at this time of year and about twice a  week in the warmer months. Last year I got 3 avos which were great. I hope that this increases as time goes on. I also have a Rincon dwarf Avo next to the Pinkerton, and for some reason this is flowering at the same time as the Pinkerton this year, usually it flowers a few weeks after the Pinkerton has stopped. I have never had fruit from the Rincon  - maybe this year! I also had a Wurtz dwarf type but this died. I have a Sharwil in a wheelie bin. I bought this because it is supposed to be a pollinator for the dwarf types, but I have yet to get flowers on it (in its third year) so with no flowers It can't pollinate anything. It is putting out new leaves right now so maybe it will also flower soon. I will be interested to find out what pollinated your tree if indeed it does get fruit. Although I have a productive bee hive  and get native bees from the bush around my flowers, I have never seen either a honey bee or a native bee around the Avo flowers. It seem that the only pollinators that like Avo flowers are ants, moths/ butterflies, and the occasional small solitary bees.9779323279?profile=original The Sharwil below    

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