Autum Planting in CQ

Would not usually start planting my winter crops here in CQ till at least March but the weather this year has tempted me to start early with some nice overcast days & light rain. Carrots germinated in a week, usually expect at least 10 days,


the beetroot are not so good suspect old seed,


I have kale & silverbeet ready for picking a few leaves for salad, thats the last corn for the year in the background & comfery wilting on the surface.  lettuce planted out this a.m. My Thai Pink tomatoes blew over in strong winds but are still carrying a good crop, more & tigarella in pots for later plantings.


9779078886?profile=originalThe trombonccino I thought was dead late last year has sent out a strong new shoot & producing well.


And finally I seem to have learnt how to download my pics into a blog!

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  • Looks very productive.  How did everything go with the last couple of days worth of heat??  Esp the carrot seedlings -> did they survive and what's your secret :)

  • Congrats to you for downloading pics! :D Didn't know you were having trouble - you can always ask for help.

    You have such knowledge of when to plant. I'm still playing by ear in that regard.

  • I am with you on starting early.  I keep on looking at those seed packets and moon calendar (uhm..) and think, go on it's only one week away. You've got me convinced now. Thanks for taking the lead!

  • Thai pink seem to be good in the heat Elaine, started them in pots & into the garden in November so they have been through the extreams of summer, I've also got some more to plant for the winter, Wont grow Green Zebra again, they croped quite well but we did not like the flavour, Jerry Colby Williams recomends them.

  • Good stuff, Jane! Your Tromboncino didn't stay dead, mine did :-( Only picked 6 fruit, was so looking forward to it. Are Thai Pinks particularly good in the heat?

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