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So I cleared part of my sweet potato patch because it is so overgrown. It was taking over the beds and escaping to the neighbours through the retaining wall. 

I need the space now that I am over the styrofoam phase. The plan is to get rid of all styrofoam boxes and use every bit of nooks and cranies in the garden for useful plants. That includes flowers for the bees' and my pleasure.

This is what I found in the sweet potato patch…(Not the jam obviously, only there to understand the size of this monster potato.) Of course I had to weigh it, didn't I? Yep 1.85kg for the big one and 2.8kg for the lot. Thanks lissa for the seedlings. Not bad for 1 square meter. The chillies were from seeds supplied by Joseph and germinated by Lissa. Thanks Joseph and Lissa. The bush is doing great. We'll be making chilly jam this weekend.

This was a harvest on a day when it was too late to go to the shop and I had to find something in the garden for dinner. Aibika (Thanks Lissa again), brazilian spinach (thanks Roman from Spurtopia), mini capsicums (currently going crazy), red capsicum (the last of this season but showing promising flowers again) and some parsley which curiously I haven't managed to kill yet. Eggs all freshly laid by my girls.

Quiche was on the menu and the kids loved it.

Made some quince jelly today. It did not set though and the kids found it too sweet (I think some aliens have overtaken my kids bodies!)

I think I will use it as cordial instead. More for me aha.

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Comment by Lissa on April 30, 2014 at 4:41

You are so productive in your small space, truly inspiring. Wait til you get a bigger bit of land one day - you'll really explode into productivity!

Don't you just love being able to go out into the garden a pick something to eat for dinner! I cropped my white skinned/purple centred sweet potato the other day and while the crop of these rather reluctant SP's was only small they are delicious. Plenty of spinach and other greens to be had, always some eggplant out there and choko are cropping again - best eaten small and sweet.

Comment by Susan on April 27, 2014 at 18:18

Very productive garden Valerie.  I agree about the flowers, every garden needs flowers.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on April 26, 2014 at 22:12

Looking great Valerie.. the garden as well.  Hahahahaha... what? shut up Andy, you are not funny? ... oh... 

I went crazy and stipped a heap off my sweet potatoes today.  I was having a pizza night and needed them for pesto.  

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