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What a glorious day and a glorious garden we had a visit in today.  Steve and Ann's garden is magical - approximately 1/4 of an acre (I'm guessing here - it could be larger) of beautifully maintained gardens with edibles dispersed through the ornamentals, lovely large verandah to sit an chat on and a quiet setting down near the Brisbane river.  This first photo shoes the lovely verandah

Just off to the right of this photo is the stair way and I have found a new plant to love.  Ann has the stairs framed with "Brazilian Red Cloak" flowers and standard bouganvillia's.  She generously allowed me to dig up a baby from underneath the plants.  Just stunning.

I have planted that in my front garden off to the side of the house.  Next is the gorgeous autumn coloured maple (I think!) Again, another plant I am coveting and after seeing just how beautiful it looks in Ann and Steve's garden, will be a "must" for when I start planting out the farm.  Just seconds after I took this photo, Valerie went crunching through the leaves - I really wish I had of captured her doing that. 

Here is a photo that I captured with most of the visitors in it today to show you the size of her garden.  That pine in the background - It is in her yard.  This is where her main vegie patch is.

In the vegie patch many things.  Gorgeous looking snow peas, nasturtiums, salad greens, carrots starting and the most interesting plant.  I thought it looked weird for a lettuce or a wombok cabbage which Brenda or Christa (sorry can't remember which of you I was having this conversation with) thought it might be.  So naturally, I snipped a bit of the leaf off and popped it in my mouth... HOT!!! Ann called it mustard greens and boy was it spicy.  Reminded me a lot of that Wasabi hit you get. 

So Ann run a little competition to name all the edible plants in her garden.  I gave up after 30.  Sophie managed 47 and won a pummelo.  Jelly!!! I love pummelos.  Here's Ann's tree. 

Talk about Jackfruit - the tree  is just loaded. 

And the mulberry just didn't know it shouldn't be fruiting yet.

Finally, Steve just had to remind us all that their little patch of paradise was not without problems.  He brought out the very stuff of my nightmares - worse than rats!

There were plenty more fruit trees and edibles but I think I've posted the highlights.  Ann and Steve, thankyou so much for inviting us to your garden.  It is absolutely beautiful. 

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Comment by Elaine de Saxe on June 26, 2018 at 8:46

Thank you to our reporters and photographers :-) I'd love to get to more GVs but that is unlikely except for the ones close by. So the reports and pix are a real bonus.

Comment by Christa on June 25, 2018 at 15:26

Thanks, Ann and Steve, for letting us walk over your neatly kept lawns and poking our nose in everywhere and asking questions.  This garden reminded me of the lovely old Brisbane style gardens of the past and my head was spinning as I walked in.  You have managed to combine edible and ornamental plants growing together and growing well.  

A healthy vegetable patch where the seeds were planted in foam boxes, ready for successive planting, some of which I had not seen before. 

Then came the beautiful cuppa tea and cakes to die for.  The huge snakeskin was a reminder of the wildlife that inhabits the riverside areas.  

Comment by Sophie on June 25, 2018 at 9:53

Thank you Ann and Steve - lovely garden! And Susan for the report :) And Jerome for the team effort guessing the plants ;)

Comment by Dianne Caswell on June 24, 2018 at 20:17

Thank You Susan for a wonderful Report and most importantly a Big Thank You must go to our Hosts, Ann & Steve for hosting our GV and sharing your beautiful garden with us.

You certainly have a very productive and healthy patch of earth, we can just imagine how many hours of work have gone into providing  a haven not just for yourselves, family and friends but also for the Possums, Bush Turkey, Birds and other creatures who come to visit.. Your beautiful home set among many colourful perennials and fruit trees could be likened too the finishing touches on a Watercolour Painting.  

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on June 23, 2018 at 18:52

I have a few that hopefully add to the story.  Ann's Jackfruit:

The yard:

How Jerry got the A$$ because Susan found a new bestie! or was it beastie?

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