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Andy's Regular Program Part II - Garden Updates

A friend let me know the old blog of the same name was getting so big that it took forever to download the pix.  So, I've decided to split it, for the sake of usability.  (Remember - you can just read from the top for the newer updates.)

Plants - Where to grow them and Compost tea (6.10.13)

This is a quick recording, mostly for me to refer back to later.  

Basil grows best in the aquaponics bed, then in soil (quite a way behind) and worst of all in pots.  

Pak Choi grows best in soil.  It is yellowing from lack of iron in the aquaponics system but goes crazy in my planter boxes. I'm not even going to try in pots. 

Egg Plant - dies in my garden beds but is going okay in a semi shaded planter box. 

Lettuce - is going great in the aquaponics but also seems very happy in a planter box. 

Carrots - test run of seeds in the vege patch (2 places).  Seedlings got planted in the planter boxes.  They seem okay there and haven't wilted stupid (as yet). 

Compost Tea - I had a spare aerator outlet from my aquaponics system so I used it in a bin (filled with tap water left to age for a week to get rid of the chlorine).  Chucked in the bottom layer of compost that I'd used in my vege patch (about an inch was stuck on the bottom of the bin) and a good handful of grass clippings.  Man - after 3 days that thing is foaming like a crazy thing.  Did a test use on some veges (rasberry from Lissa and my carrot seedlings). Watered it in well.  Be interesting to see what happens.  I might do a photo feature on that one.

Conversation Orchard

I really wanted some type of conversation "pit" near the pizza oven to make it a lot more enticing to be out there.  However, I also really need more fruit trees (and a bit more space for veges).  This little brain child has been designed to meet both purposes hence its catchy name - the Conversation Orchard.

(Damn those garden visits for getting me all excited!)

Aquaponics and Rozie's Seat

Any regular viewers of this mind-blowingly exciting program (*Andy coughs*) will have seen pictures of My Rozzie's Seat and also the new Aquaponics set up.  I thought I'd include them on my yard map so you can see where they are actually located.  

Both items are in the "Big Girls' Yard."  My aim is to slowly but surely make the biggest part of my garden a little more than just lawn with a pizza oven and clothes line.  My Rozie's Seat is shown in yellow and the aquaponics in red.  Eventually, this yard will also house a couple of chooks.  If google-earth do some new views, I'll put them up so you can see the change in canopy as well.  

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 29, 2013 at 21:37

I'm thinking the picnic table is a go.  I also reckon I'll do a small L shaped pergola above the seats and plant grapes on it. 

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 28, 2013 at 21:37

Funny you should say that Scott - I thought the same thing! (except, My Rozie wants the grass left - apart from that, it's in the planning stages mate).

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 23, 2013 at 19:39

While there is grass, there's still space mate! 

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