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I thought I'd best stop spamming the forums, so have started to blog.

3 months ago:  my Rozie threw pumpkin seeds out the front where the soil is REALLY bad (it's building fill).  We had the pumpkin seeds and three small fruit trees.  Nothing grows very well out there. During the dry, Rozie moved one fruit tree (lemon) into a pot.  Of the 10 pumpkins that came up, nine died.  So, I have been composting out there.  After the rain, the fruit trees are finally growing!  The remaining pumpkin has gone gang-buster and is about to flower.  Andy's Log Supplemental:  yes, the seed will work if you look after them.  Next time, plant them in season.

1 month ago:  Lissa gave me one of James' beans a month or so ago.  I got three viable plants out of the pod.  Today, I see my first bean!  I think I'll get about four more and will keep the lot for seed for next year.  I guess I made bean season by the skin of my ... bean. Andy's Log Supplemental:  next time, plant them in season.

Current observations:  after re-potting the grape and putting in onto the arch, it has doubled in size.  I guess it will die off soon.  Strawberries are flowering, fruiting and sending out more runners.  Ginger growing well in pot.  Lemon basil growing all through the lawn near the main plant.  Climbing spinach has gone crazy!  Jerusilem artichoke flowering like crazy and doing well.  Rubarb is dead.  Two of the 4 "top and tail" carrots drowned and rotted.   "Top and tail" onions are shooting again after dying off.   Have all of 6 tomatoes on bushes (first time I tried full sized from seed).  Fruit fly are slaughtering my bell chillies and single capsicum.  Normal chillies are fine.  Gooseberry and rasberry doing well.  Shallots are doing extremely well as are the chives.  

New experiments: The starship McDowall continues to move towards aquaponics, but only at impulse power.   Engineering advise that we now have on board one of those expensive test kits required for the fish (amonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph).  I also found a good priced pump for the 1000 litre tank that is a proper filter.  This will be placed just before the fish tank. If it is still on sale, I'll buy it tomorrow.  Medical have requested that biological viability tests be undertaken on the piscene species.  As a result, we purchased two silver perch fingerlings today which have been placed in the indoor tropical tank.  If they don't do well in there, the experiment will be discontinued.  (That tank is fish heaven! - under-stocked, over-planted, double filtered and heated.)

Captain Andy - out.

Live long and prosper doodes. 

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Comment by Lissa on March 10, 2013 at 6:44

They are tart/sweet.. much like the Tamarillo. Probably why I like them.  They do make great jam (my Gran used to make it) if you can get enough of them at one time.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on March 10, 2013 at 0:02

Yep, I know a bit about tart Cape Gooseberries! Dad grew them in the distant past and I liked the flavour but winced at the tartness; in the intervening years the sweetness had not improved.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on March 9, 2013 at 22:05

I'm pretty confident that it is the Cape Gooseberry.  However, my fruit were quite tart and not at all sweet.  

Comment by Lissa on March 9, 2013 at 9:56

Great log Cap'n. Progress is being made.

Wondering if you have a Ceylon Hill Gooseberry? or perhaps Cape Gooseberry?

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on March 8, 2013 at 23:48

Andy, you are not spamming the forum! The Beans will grow happily between March and November more or less - some will produce right through summer but the prefer slightly cooler weather. Gooseberry? Do you mean Roaring Lion? Or some other plant called a 'gooseberry'? The odd few Gooseberry plants I've had anything to do with in the Nursery spent their lives being doused with whatever-it-was for powdery mildew. Unlike the Raspberries which do well here (much to my surprise and delight!) the Gooseberry is well out of its comfort zone. So I'm interested to know more about it. If you keep those Capsies and Chillies well fed and well-watered, you'll get far less fruit fly; I've lost a few fruit in the past but always the plants were struggling - they are big feeders and like buckets of water.

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