A Farm Gate Produce Story


I like to visit those roadside stands you see when you are out for a drive and love it when after you have pulled up you are pleasantly surprised by the experience and I try to have our little stall do that for those who drop in. 
Obviously, you can't please everyone and at the end of the day its going to be a bit less stocked then first up etc but I try to keep the fridges full of enough produce to make it worthwhile for people who have taken the time to stop.
A funny story is after I saw a lady looking around a bit puzzled as to where the produce was I realized that because I had painted the doors of the fridge black and used it as a chalkboard for prices etc people did not recognize it as a fridge and did not know as to open it. 
So I have in big letters know the words I AM A FRIDGE PLEASE OPEN ME written on the door  

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  • The problem with growing food on the footpath is that the local government can spray with what ever they are legally able to use  plus the local dogs  look what happened  on the sunshine coast  with the fruit trees on the footpath they like to exert there authority.

  • Hey Andrew Cumberland 

    Yes, any time we use the term "official" or define the "ownership" of land, it becomes a slippery slope to navigate in the context of self-sovereignty and fair and equitable apportioning.    

  • I've always found it easier to ask for "official" forgiveness rather than permission.   

    If I got told to pull up my footpath garden or face a fine, I'd just pull it up.  Now admittedly, I'd leave the mango tree, mint and the turmeric in the ground... but I would take any edging out.  If the grass grew through the mulch then so be it.  I could still dig my turmeric and eat my mint.  Mangoes would still come on the tree.  I'd just stop mowing the footpath.  Not my land.  LOL.  

  • Hey Jeff Kiehne

    There are many issues to be worried about with government intervention in far too many aspects of our lives .... indeed if the majority of people were not asleep at the wheel or distracted by the bread and circuses of popular media and the like, there would be more of the realization that the ability to not be controlled by the system, is being increasingly shut down by way of the frog in the pot syndrome, making it more and more of a "radical" move to oppose the strictures they impose. 

    For the present time, as the actual stall is on my land and I make it a priority to be sensitive to my neighbours in regards to any possible disturbance factor in their lives, it is all a positive activity for our community.

    Coupled with the fact that the nature of the setup I have, is one that the regional council are happy to be available as an element of the rural nature of where I live, so I prefer to work with the energetics of positive outcomes rather than attract negativity into my life.

  • With the roadside stand  could be problems  last year  a farm animal rescue charity has been issued with an ultimatum by the Department of Transport and Main Roads: pay $300,000 for a road upgrade or not be allowed to have visitors.

  • Word of mouth does wonders when trying to spread the word about fresh produce available.

  • That's fantastic.  I think you are living my dream. 

  • Hey Andrew

    Thanks, we put a sign on the main highway each weekend and public holidays and it seems to bring a few people in to have a look. If we are around I have had some great conversations with travellers about all manner of things and conducted impromptu tours of the setup.

    I sell to 3 different business in town and have a few regular local customers that will buy their favourite items regularly 

  • That's really impressive Russell.  What? No, not the chalk board paint, the fact that you can sell to folks. 

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