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Started to get my act into gear this week & did a few small jobbies around the patch..
The Aquaponics set up has been tweaked to include an extra overflow as we have had a few overflow incidents this week due to an over abundance of algae.. Haven't set up the new grow beds yet but hope to have a picture of them by the next post... For now I do have a clip on the new Jade perch we released into the system last weekend...

Also posted a clip on the Mulching methods we are trialling this winter season...

On Friday we ordered some Veggie netting from Net pro for the brassicas this season & will show that in the next post as well hopefully.. Enough was purchased so we can use it as a 20% shade cloth over next summer as I feel the 50% was just a bit to much for some plants like the capsicums & eggplants causing them to grow a bit to "leggy"..   

Today a few seeds were sown directly into the patch.. They included,
Mixed heirloom carrot mix (Diggers Seeds)
Dragon carrots  (Boondle Seeds)
Rainbow chard (Boondle Seeds)
Mangelwurzel (Boondle Seeds)
Topweight carrots (Mr Fothergills)
Sugar snap pea (Mr Fothergills)
Beetroot early wonder Bed(Eden Seeds)
& Broccoli seedlings (Nameless mega hardware store) were also planted out...

Also added some seeds to the Brisbane seed savers group on here as well if anyone is interested..

Have a great week everyone..

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Comment by Rob on April 29, 2012 at 8:31

I did have a yellow & white flower but the wet rotted the heads just as the seeds were forming... Very disappointing... We always get a dragon or 2 go to seed but I get inpatient & pull them for the space... Will try & keep some from this lot to share if they flower..
I have bought from Diggers without being a member but it took nearly a month & 3 calls to get the order sorted out.. I couldn't justify paying for membership either after that..

Comment by Lissa on April 28, 2012 at 15:31

Those in the pic were winter before last. Made the mistake of buying seed from eBay last winter and they were a dud.

No longer a member of Diggers myself as I wasn't able to justify the cost with what I was getting from them, but hoping I can buy them from other reputable sources that don't require a membership fee.

Comment by Rob on April 24, 2012 at 8:10

Hi there Evan...
The main problem we are having is the excess sunlight helping it grow so made up a cover for the top.. Also slowing down the feeding helps as both the goldfish & perch will eat algae.. A viewer on You tube suggested cutting slits in the out flow pipes so did that yesterday as well & think that will also help move the algae out from the tank & eventually into the grow bed's for the worms to feed on..

Hi Lisa..
That's the carrots by the look of it.. We had them in last Spring & they did fairly well..
The fish are supposed to taste just like wild caught if you give them a withholding period in some clean water by them selves for a few days, but as you say, it will be a while before we will know for sure...

The main reason there are a few barrels is that I like doing mini experiments to show our girls (well the youngest now that the eldest is a teen) how things work like the fungus & how fast the worms will eat through organic matter..  The neighbour has some more trimmings for us so they will be going on the pile behind the kaffir lime tree as soon as they are mulched with some scrapings from the chook yard..

Comment by Lissa on April 24, 2012 at 5:21

You make a good watchable video Rob (beard comes and goes).

The fish set up is interesting. I visited a garden some years back where they had one of these. Wondering how good the fish grown this way actually tastes? It will be a while before you can answer that question though.

Pretty sure it was the Diggers heirloom carrot seeds I grew a couple of years back and they did very well - see the pic of mixed coloured carrots at the top of this page.

Wondering why you have so many different little compost buckets? Why not just put it all in one pile and let the earthworms at it.

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