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Ate my first tommy toe tomato today. I can see why they win the blind taste tests at Diggers Seeds. Appear to be somewhat variable in size - the one I ate was larger and single, but this is such a pretty photo..

We ate our first broad beans the other day. Medium sized the beans still have a thin sweet skin. Added to chicken soup, was delicious.

Our lemon and lime trees need feeding (ours aren't fruiting, they're too little). Have some dynamic lifter and rooster booster I'll chuck around a bit. I don't use the juice from our worm farm - just let it run into the banana pawpaw circle, or sometimes add to compost heaps. I find it too variable and it can be too high in potassium and/or have pH problems. It was just never that great (have been experimenting since about 1992 - am over it). Although it is wonderful for orchids and other high potassium requirement things - like bananas and pawpaws.

The bananas are finally ripening up and they're really yummy - although they have vestigial seeds inside (little black grainy bits) which is undesirable to the modern seedless palate.Oooh, but creamy and sweet.

Finally we have decent strawberry action too. Weird. My strawberries are always late. After the rain they decided to flower properly. Also I've done some chicken (and 3 y.o.) barricading, so the strawberries might actually mature.

All the rocket/ arugula has gone to seed now. Have been deheading the weedy thin leaved plants and have chosen one lovely cultivated-variety type specimen to produce seeds. Have stooked it up out of the way with a stake and some string.

Our celery powering on. Ate the first brussel sprouts. I think they are just miniature.
People have commented about our cute stumpy carrots - they're a dwarf early maturing variety. Yes, they do look weird :)

Booty the chinese silkie is demented with broody hormones. PinkRosie continues to eschew the Taj-Ma-Chook for the mulberry tree. Sigh. The kids are spending as much time as possible in the cubby stuffing themselves with mulberries. The chooks are doing a good job of cleaning up the fallen ones. Hooray for mulberry trees! Come back silkworms!

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Comment by Scarlett on October 9, 2008 at 11:34
and they do great mail order
maybe i just love getting things in the mail :)
Comment by Jason Spotswood on October 8, 2008 at 13:39
Dwarf mulberrys are available from Daleys ( and/or The varieties available are Black and Red Shahtoot. I believe that they only get to be around 3m high. Obviously one can prune a normal mulberry to keep it to this size, but it involves a lot more work (and who needs that).
There are a number of nurseries in Brisbane who carry Daleys fruit trees. This information can be obtained from the Daleys web site. Note that I am sure there are other nurseries which also provide dwarf mulberries (I just don't know of any others).
Comment by Jason Spotswood on October 7, 2008 at 20:50
When I finally get to the stage of building a chook house and pen, I plan on putting in a dwarf mulberry tree. That should keep any nasty fruit fly at bay and give some nice fallen fruit for the the chooks.
Comment by Scarlett on September 19, 2008 at 10:28
my photos are always in the dark because of juggling everything :)
like the old REM song - gardening at night
Comment by Donna on September 18, 2008 at 20:38
Sounds fantastic! Inspired me to finally get around to loading up some stuff on my own page. I will have to take some new photos though as it looks a lot different now!

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