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Hi all

Well take up is pretty good and the feedback is positive - so I reckon we release this thing into the ether and see what happens. Why wait?

So I've changed the network's privacy settings to public - anyone can now see the content on this website, and anyone can now join. Invite away - there is a link you can send to people to make it easy.

I've made more people administrators - let's go for the wikipedia self managing model I reckon. Am available for any problems.


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Comment by Anthony Foo on June 3, 2008 at 19:58
Donna, you have definitely stumbled over some lost cookies, they just don't seem to be where they should, Scarlett will have to find them.
But as far as "live to air" this is in the context of this site when Scarlett first created it there were a few people invited to kick it of, and after a week the few were a lot more and so it was opened up to everyone to join, and so the live to air. she could have said on the aether or opened up or something else anyway I hope you see my meaning.
Comment by Donna on June 3, 2008 at 18:46
Okay, give me a hint so I can check it out - WHAT is live to air???? Let me in so I can look too (unless it is this website where I am already looking lol)

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