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2016 Trends: The Hottest Plants to Grow Indoors

Choosing the right set of plants to grow indoors is not an easy task if you are a fresh gardener. You want each plant to feel good in its place, you want it to fit the decor and arrangement of the room, and you want it to happen right now!

With the following guide at hand, this difficult task will become much easier to complete!

Air Plants

The ultimate trend this year! Have you heard of them already? Since they are called Air Plants, some of the most frequent misconceptions is that they don’t need any water to grow, or that they need only air to thrive, and no extra care at all. That’s so wrong!  

As opposed to the other types of house plants, the Air Plants absorb water (and everything else actually) through their leaves. In the nature the obtain it with the morning mist, rain and fog. When growing indoors, they need to be misted regularly with a spray bottle.

Air Plants are usually placed in glass globes hanging from the ceiling. Choose a bright place where they won’t face any direct sunlight. Watch this video to learn how to plant one in your home.


Madagascar Dragon Tree

Also known as Dracaena marginata, this plant is ideal for contemporary-designed spaces. Its exotic-looking, structural shape makes it a centrepiece and a great addition to any minimalistic interior. Moreover, the Dragon Tree doesn’t need much water, and the level of light should be moderate to low.

It is best to water the plant once a month, thoroughly until you can see water in the pot saucer. Then discard it to avoid rotting of the roots. If you want your plant to look more like a bush rather than a tree, simply pare off the top and two new stems will grow from that point.

String of Pearls

The perfect addition to any bizarre interior, this creeping succulent with its long shoots or streaming foliage is very easy to grow and has such an appealing look to the eye. To feel comfortable, the plant should be potted in sandy soil for a good drainage. Place the pot on a place where its leaves can hang down freely.

String of Pearls likes bright rooms, even direct sunlight, but it doesn’t like air currents so keep away from windows and air vents. Water it once a month in winter and twice a month in summer.

Maidenhair Fern

As long as you don’t forget to moisten it regularly, the Maidenhair Fern will keep growing with its beautiful, soft foliage for years. The plant can be a fresh accessory and looks great when placed on the coffee table in your living room. The fern is so delicate and soft, that it is ideal for almost all types of interiors.

Just like the String of Pearls, this plant also doesn’t like drafts. Position it in a bright place and keep it moist all the time. If you tend to forget waterings, I suggest to buy a self-watering pot, which allows the plant to take up just the needed amount of water right when he needs it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Such a lovely plant can be skipped in your home! Its large, lustrous leaves and great height makes it the perfect house plant. I guess that’s why many interior designers and homeowners adore it - it creates a structure and accent in every room it is placed. It can grow up to two meters if you plant it in a larger pot.

It thrives best near windows where it can receive much light. Yet, keep it away from strong direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves. The soil of the Fiddle Leaf Fig should be maintained wet as it originally comes from a tropical climate.               

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Comment by Elaine de Saxe on February 26, 2016 at 8:34

There was a book out about Native Australian plants for Indoors. Most are rainforest plants. Finding some suitable space indoors for plants is the challenge.

Comment by Lissa on February 26, 2016 at 6:01

All familiar plants to me. They were "trending" when I was younger ;)

Many of us grow some ornamental plants but bear in mind Sasha that this is a food growing group. Perhaps a blog on your food growing efforts at home?

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