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The season has started off wet. Gray and wet. Not so cold as it was a couple of weeks back though. Looks like a good season for toms - I have seed planted and volunteers growing everywhere.

Not sure what these are. I expected they were non-acid cherry volunteers but they're too big. Could be one of the Giant Toms growing sideways. It's all jumbled together.…


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Last revised 27.06.15.

I'm a list maker.

I like to gather information together in one spot so I don't have to keep hunting it down or scratch my head wondering where I read something and not being able to find it again. And I like to share, so please feel free to use this list of links or recommend more sites to be added as it's a continuous work in progress.

It is up to you to decide if you wish to deal with any of the companies, this is not a recommendation,…


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Autumn is here and apart from a few steamy days last week the weather has been cool and very wet. Constant rain. Some plants like it, some don't. As usual the raised beds couldn't care less.

Below: The Dwf Ducasse banana from Blue Sky Nursery is loving the wet. I have hopes that it will start producing some fruit for me before long.…


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Time to cut up non-producing plants to  replenish the beds and do some propagation after all the rain. The temperature is much more comfortable though steamy, perfect for plant propagation.

I've planted up a heap of my first lot of Cardoon seed, some strawberry runners (for Joseph), red salvia removed from places I didn't want…


Added by Lissa on February 1, 2013 at 9:30 — 28 Comments

Deadwood habitat for wildlife

In the past I believed a good gardener was amongst other things, a tidy gardener. Removing all dead material from view and either composting it or tossing it.

I've also always believed that a healthy garden is one full of wildlife - bit hard for them to achieve when I've been tossing out their natural habitats!

Since I've been focusing on growing organic edibles a lot of my old "beliefs" have been challenged by the things I've read or been told. I attend as many workshops as I…


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So much happened in the garden in December it was necessary to break the blog / diary down into months.

Above -  first day of 2013. We've had enough rain that the tank hasn't run dry, but not enough that I can rely on the rain to keep things consistently moist so have been watering mornings. Afternoons on occasion if I have really early work starts.

The plants…


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File:W tougan4091.jpg

Photo (above) courtesy of the net.

Tried some of Joseph's home grown winter melon some months ago (grows in the warm weather, eaten traditionally in the cold weather due to it's long shelf life) and I'm determined to grow some of my own as I found it delicious. I've just planted some seeds so fingers crossed I get seedlings.

Another one of those multi use plants where the shoots, leaves, tendrils and fruit are all edible. I just love growing those types of…


Added by Lissa on January 2, 2013 at 5:00 — 1 Comment

Mowing and snipping - all the stuff the dude in the shop you bought your equipment from, didn't tell you

I realise I don't actually hate mowing and whippersnipping. I love admiring the finished job - great pity it only lasts such a short time, but the grass is great for the compost pile so there's plenty of pluses.

I just hate the equipment.

It's heavy (whippersnipper and humungous long cord), awkward to hold and hurts my hands (whippersnipper), doesn't start when it's supposed to (mower) and seems designed to drive people crazy instead of being reliable trusted gardening…


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BETEL LEAF Piper sarmentosum

Also known as wild pepper, la lot, chaplu; In Cantonese: 'Ka Lao' ; In Malay:  Kadok ; In Thai : Cha Plu ; In Lao : phak i leut or pak eelerd ; In Vietnam : Piper lolot – lá l; Sirih Dudu, Karuk, Karok, Daun Kaduk, Vegetable Pepper, Betel Pepper

This plant is often mistaken for its cousin Piper betel leaf…

Added by Lissa on December 20, 2012 at 5:30 — 10 Comments

2012/2013 SUMMER December

Time to start a new diary for the hot months. Really must read back through last summers blog - which is the whole point of having the diary!

Should have taken this pic just a moment before as now the sun is up and shining in the lense. Never mind - it's just to give an impression of what is happening with the garden at the beginning of the new…


Added by Lissa on December 2, 2012 at 6:30 — 10 Comments


Gerry McMahon, Senior Technical Officer, DPIFM Darwin

Name: Jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus (Moraceae).

Origin: Jackfruit is indigenous to…


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Pepino Melon Care thumbnail

Pepino melon is native to the Andean region of South America. The fruits are described as cucumber-like in flavour (I personally think they taste like Rockmelon), refreshing, juicy and sweet.

They are apparently cultivated widely in New Zealand, Australia and Chile, but we don't see them in the fruit shops in Brisbane - with a little search I have found they grow them in north Qld in Innisfail and Tully.

The plant is a warm season fruit but can survive small…


Added by Lissa on September 28, 2012 at 6:00 — 20 Comments

2012 SPRING September to November

Spring again :)

The weather has warmed within two weeks as usual, which is a delight, but we haven't had rain for many weeks. The tank is almost empty - I've basically stopped using it. On the plus side the bees are very active in the garden, both native and honey galore.

They both love the nasturtium flowers which are blooming in a wonderful variety of colours.…


Added by Lissa on September 11, 2012 at 10:00 — 17 Comments

2012 WINTER June to August

Here we go again! with the main growing period for veg in Brisbane. I used to dislike winter but now I really look forward to it and the opportunity to try some new seed and plants each time.

I'm trying to get some Kangkong growing in the wet pot in the pic above, not really the right season but what the hey giving it a go anyway. I've bought some seed for the warmer…


Added by Lissa on June 19, 2012 at 5:30 — 6 Comments

KANGKONG (Ipomoea aquatica)

Otherwise known as…

Water convolvulus, water spinach, swamp cabbage, ong choy, hung tsai, rau muong.

General information

Kang kong is closely related to sweet potato as well as to 'morning glory', the climbing vine with large purple flowers that grows as a weed in the…


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I bought the seed earlier this year from an American outlet, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and have been pleasantly surprised. A bit like a cross…


Added by Lissa on May 26, 2012 at 18:30 — 2 Comments


Addy recently shared a piece from her Nopales plant with me. When I first met hers, a year ago, it was just this big but is now a proper cactus plant and she is able to remove and eat some of the pads. So it's going to take a while before I can give mine a taste test.

Any recipes anyone has would be appreciated. Just watched a TV chef prepare a sauce using the gel from…


Added by Lissa on May 26, 2012 at 16:30 — 5 Comments


Growing Choko:

Choko are supposed to be unfussy about soil, but I grow mine in soil rich with organic matter. The fruit are deep green and healthy looking unlike others I have seen.

The plants are come-again. I remove the old vines once the crazy fruiting period is over and let them grow again. They don't like to dry out and thrive during…


Added by Lissa on May 19, 2012 at 13:00 — 2 Comments


Garlic, common garlic

(Allium sativum var. sativum-- Family Liliaceae)

Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and thought to have originated in Southwest Asia. The English name comes from the Anglo-Saxon "gar-leac" or spear plant, which refers to its spear-shaped leaves and its relation to the leek. Although known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, the trick is in eating enough to gain a measurable amount, but some always try. King Henry VI, of 16th…


Added by Lissa on March 17, 2012 at 9:30 — 7 Comments

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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

The Vetiver Community Project is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

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