Winter guavas

100 large guavas ripening up, kitchen smells amazing
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  • Have they got fruit fly in them Janet? Not sure why they would rot. Christa this one is now getting water everyday from hosing out my duck pen. The rain this year helped as well.

  • That is a huge load on the tree. I've never seen them like that.  You you feed them with anything special?

  • I am very jealous.

    My guavas are large but won't ripen on the tree. I reduce the number to about a dozen a year. They start to rot as soon as they go yellow. Any advice?

  • Just eating a few everyday Dianne, plus treats for the ducks and chooks

  • Wow that's big fruit. 

  • These look wonderful, my China Guava Tree is so full the branches are almost breaking. What are you going to do with yours?

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