winged yam (2)

winged yam (2)
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  • I eat the Jicama raw in salads etc. Never tried cooking it.

    Cassava - it's a funny plant that I just can't get a handle on. So easy to grow it should be a staple but I just can't cope with it's eccentricities. I have some bought flour in the freezer and made a really nice cake out of it some time back. Guess I need to try harder.

  • I meant to add some comments, but I thought they didn't load so I gave up.  I think the yam tuber was compliments of Andy at Carla's garden visit 2014.  I remember making chips out of them last year and they tasted OK (better than Cassava or Arrowroot, but not as good as potatoes).  My cassava never seems fat enough and by the time that thick outer fibrous layer was removed, it was hardly worth the effort.  We're also giving Jicama another go, this time removing a lot of the top growth from one plant to let the corm (?/tuber?) develop. The second plant will be left to sprawl to set seed for next year. From memory I think all need to be soaked and boiled before frying (I usually read up to refresh before preparing any of these).

  • Yes we need some detail otherwise you are just teasing us with the photo ;O)

  • So you get anything useful from your Winged Yam Susan?

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