White Flower Spider

Or as close as I can get from the Brisbane Insects site. If that's what she is, her real name is Diaea variabilis.She lives on an Eggplant plant, she's tiny check her size against the leaf veins.
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  • Let's hope :)

    I know I've eaten a few caterpillars.

  • The spiders are very quick I doubt you'd have eaten many or any … much faster than grubs a few of which I've cooked with the Broccoli.

  • I have to wonder how many of these little beasties I have (accidentally) eaten over the years, popping fruit and veg straight into my mouth.

    Hmm. Protein.

  • Elaine, it's the spiders in your shot and the one below that sit on the Raspberries at my place and wait for lunch ... atm 1 out of 6 ripe Raspberries (conservative estimate) has its very own spider. The one below was rescued from the fridge.34636884?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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