Water Chestnut

Tops are dying off - time to harvest soon.
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  • I sow them back into a new pot of soil immediately Dianne. They will keep in the fridge for some time, but I haven't found that necessary.

    Yep lettuce. They self seed there and just love the constant water supply.

  • When I harvest the Water Chestnuts, how soon after do I sow the little ones. Mine are starting to go a little Brown now. Is that Lettuce in there with your Water Chestnuts?

  • I just use them in simple stir fries Dianne. Not very inventive here.

    I store them in an icecream tub with a bit of water in the fridge. They keep for ages that way.

  • Looking good Lissa, my tops are not starting to die off yet so I guess I should wait until they do. How are you going to store these. Has anyone ever made a Dukkah using Water Chestnuts?

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