Washington Navel after Wash

Washington Navel after Wash
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  • The Oranges have ripened beautifully, and we are enjoying their sweet juiciness.34638017?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I really need to learn how to look after citrus, that treatment has it looking shiny, new and very healthy.  

  • Wow, all very shiny and new James, love the method.

  • Hi Christa :- no I've never, but I have been burning off all the prunings, and had so much fresh wood ashes and I know that lime is used for this problem on roses and citrus , so as lye water is made from ashes, then the paste would be very alkaline. anyway it worked a treat. I remember Jerry Coleby Williams using a tooth brush to scrub the same scale off his citrus trees, only my procedure was easier.

  • Well done, wanna come and show me how you do it... On mine ;)
  • Have you used that method before James. The branches look great with that treatment.  Maybe I will try that on the large trunk part of my seedless valencia and see if it works.  Thanks for the tip.

  • I've been admiring my navels, but not noticing the woolly aphids and millions of white scale on the trunk and thicker branches, so I spent this afternoon brushing a wood ash paste over the parasites and then washing that off with a hose and tooth brush. The paste killed them and were easily brushed off, and the bonus is the potassium for the tree. I will keep an eye on those bloody ants now.

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