Wandering Jew or Trad: Weed Tea

I have an infestation of Wandering Jew which is perhaps impossible to get rid off.So I embraced the weed as a harvest plant for weed tea.Very easy to harvest with its shallow roots so i pulled up all I could and emptied it all into my large ferment pot. Then filled the vessel with water to the brim, using a weight to keep the Trad submerged.Five to six weeks later as the odour began to remind me of manure and my uncles' cow yards (it smelt like cows stomachs --as in ruminants)I milked the great volume of juice and spread it on the beds.Easy pour -- unlike my previous ferments. Like Green Tea.And I still have a big wad of of Trad based weed dead mulch to spread around.Great tea. Great fluid volume. Stirred it once. Pleasant odour -- unlike my past fermenting habits. I'm very happy.
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