corn, burgundy okra, peanuts, snake beans, sorrell, eggplant and zuchinni
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  • I've had a little success but nothing like the crops I get in the warm weather. I could use the large space the plants take up to grow something else that does do well, like brocolli. Depends on the microclimate again. If you have a lovely warm sunny spot then you might have better success with winter corn.

  • I've seen people growing beautiful corn in winter Lissa, but like you, I have never managed it. It just grows very slowly before failing.

  • Corn is a great crop to grow. Grown at the right time (I had no luck with winter plantings) you get good return with little waste as they freeze so well for future use.

  • Looks good. I'm having my first crack at corn this season.  Companion planted with yellow french beans. 

  • It was spread out over the whole bed until this morning. Pegged to the sides of the beds.

    Provides protection for the plants as seedlings from the sun and insects, but they have developed good root systems now (daily water while they establish) and can cope on their own. I'll remove the net completely soon.

  • What's the netting at the top, Lissa?

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