Two Days of Mulberries

The Tree's under 10 years and over 7 years old, and produces lots of fruit. Today's is the last large harvest, however it should still produce mulberries until early next year, if previous years are to go by.
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  • They're perfect fruit producers for our area aren't they :)

  • I'm a white mulberry novice and after the first year, I'm entirely convinced. I've never seen anything so productive and so easy although the papaya is a close second.
  • Gorgeous!! My dwarf black from Daley's has only been in the ground for a bit over 1 year and has provided berries enough for us but not yet an excess of harvest like yours :)  Can't wait until I can start freezing excess.   Mine is definitely getting a chop back this year as in 1 year it has gone from about 50 cm high to over 3 m!! I'm going to give it a very hard chop back after the last of the fruit are off and hopefully like Rob's, I'll see a lot of low branching.  But I definitely agree - every Qld backyard should have a mulberry tree.

  • Got to love mulberry trees when they fruit like Rob's. A must for our climate I think!

  • Forgot to mention Rob - I bought some Coles GF puff pastry to make some mulberry pastry desserts. The pasty is awful stuff. Didn't puff and split all over the place during wrapping and cooking.....but, have just reheated one, doused it in cream and honey and it was entirely edible.

  • 34637117?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Hi all, I must have been harder on it in it's earlier years as I have a good low division. I've let if go too long this year, and found it difficult to get to and 'do' a decent prune, it's a hard thing to chop branches with lots of fruit, however over the last 4 weeks, I've chopped 6 large centre branches (in 2 sessions) because it was getting away, and it requires more pruning. Ladder fruit picking is probably not the safest as I have a dodgy knee at the moment.

    The tree has more large fruit on the newer branches and smaller fruit on the lower spindly older 'branches off branches'.


  • Christa, dwarf is relative... I have seen some gigantic old full size Mulberry trees.  My established dwarf is about 3 metres tall... in general a hard prune of 1/3 of the tree is usually okay.  Although I do believe Mulberry can take a more severe pruning, but don't take my word for it ^^ we never hard prune ours since it's in my parents garden, and mum don't like to hard prune trees...

  • My dwarf black has grown tall as it is in an awkward place. To get to the fruit, I got my son to pull down a long arching branch and tie a rope with a brick to the end of it so I can have some of the fruit.   It is time to put a saw to it, and just wondering how hard I can trim the main trunk.  Would 4 foot high be too low?

  • Great harvest there Rob!

    Lissa, the dwarf black I got from forbidden fruits nursery have some large and some small fruits.  It's easier to find larger fruits in the beginning, and peak of the harvest.  What's left on the tree is now smaller and sparse... There's normally another small harvest in Autumn though.  The tree do not get regular fertilizer / water... but it is a well established tree of 6 or 7 years...

    I'm getting small fruits on a cutting I grew from my mother tree in a pot though... so it may not be all genetics?

  • I planted a white Shatoot bought from Bunnings about 12 months ago. I can see abundance of long slender greenish coloured mulberries hanging on the branches. Looks like it will have a bumper crop this summer. I keep prunning it down to a manageable height. The mulberries which have ripen are very sweet and lovely. White mulberries don't have as much flavour as the dark red ones but good enough fo me. I can't believe how easy it is to grow mulberries cause it's the most neglected plant in our garden and it provides beautiful shade.
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