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  • November it is :) Good work Vanessa ;)

  • Cool beans Lissa, I sent you a message to sort out the details...

  • Now no pressure Jake, but I've popped you in the calendar for October (September was taken). You can always cancel or postpone when we get closer but if I don't pop you in now we'll be into 2015 waiting for the right season again.

  • lol that would neat! {love the ingadi sign - my dear friend is also from cape town} we shall keep at ya, when spring comes around lol. 

  • And here's a few more recent pictures for those that's a bit more phone savvy:


  • One day one day haha! I've done a massive chop & drop so it's a bit "bare" at the moment. Springtime would be the best so we'll definitely have to book a date :-) I'll be sure to have Ingadi in all its splendor by then!

    I'm looking to have a few quails too when it warms up again so that'll be interesting. 

    Here's a peek so long Vanessa if you're interested:


  • Not been to visit Jake yet :) He will weaken one day and invite us.

    To see which GV's are coming up you can either check out Events (top of the page) or go visit the GARDEN VISIT group CALENDAR for upcoming dates.

  • so its now mid 2014 - has a garden visit been done at Jake's yet. hint hint lol. {if a visit has been done, booga - when's the next one} liking the pics! 

  • That's the spirit Andrew!

  • yeah it's the passionfruits & nasturtiums, It feels like a tunnel walking underneath the canopy, well, to me at least. 

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