Todays Harvest

Todays Harvest
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  • Oh... missed your comment James.  No I didn't make passion liquor - my Rozie ate them. 

  • I use the technique of tying down the Vertical Branches, horizontally for my Climbing Roses. This causes the Roses to send up more Flowering Branches near a leaf where the Rose Branches have been bent.

    This technique works the same way with Fruit Trees. I find my Topiary and Espelier Citrus give more fruit per 30cms. I am also growing Apples this way but it is too soon to tell how they will respond to being pruned to a Decorative Archway. 

  • I have noticed over the years that in the new season, a cluster of large fruit develops at the base of each leaf stem on the branch, so if you prune, you sacrifice a lot of mulberries. The tree was here when we bought the place in 2003 and I used a lot of heavy rocks to weigh down the branches. I think I have a photo of that moment, will find and post.

  • Heh Andrew, what did you do with those humungous passion fruit you showed me? Did you make a passion liquor out of some of them?

  • Ah so you keep the branches pointing down, James? I'd read about this and wondered. Some tie rocks to the branches when they are young and pliable. Currently I have a young tree in a bin - a supposedly 'dwarf' how dwarf a Mulberry really is I don't know yet. So there's branches waiting to be pruned which are pointing to the sky. Tying them down with something to the rim of the bin might be a goer for me. Certainly the plant did not produce much fruit although it is its first complete year in the ground.

  • Dave I like to grow what grows easily. I used to buy dynamic lifter but since a mower man started dropping off his grass clippings, I find I don't need to buy anything. The earth worms are doing their job.

    Thanks to one of Lissa's G V's, I have 10 Abika plants, and  6 Cranberry hibiscus plants. I also have a hedge of Sweet Leaf, and about forty dandelions, and always have  self seeded Rocket popping up, so we never have trouble making a salad. In the cooler months there's pig weed, chick weed and milk thistle. All the above are very easy to grow.

    I also garden to keep down the cost of living.

  • I'm jealous heaps. My patch is desultory for reasons unknown.There's not so much the girding of loins as one would hope -- if all veg were male and had loins to gird.

  • Thanks Dianne, I must have inherited my grandfather's green thumb gene. He won prizes for his vegetables in the Mary Valley Show in the 1920's

    Mark I have never had this quantity or quality before but I did water it more this year.

    I do not prune the new branches that grow vertically but bend them and thread them down and under other hanging branches, maintaining a low Willow tree shape. Over time I have had to prune old thick low hanging branches due to being fed up with bumping my head, a word of advice :- don't wear a hat under a mulberry tree.

  • You are some Food Gardener, crops when they are out of season. I applaud you. I hope the rain comes to our place whilst we are away.

  • how are you getting Mulberry at this time of year??????

    Please explain " PH"

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