Todays goody :)

Susanne tells me my mystery pumpkin is probably a Qld Blue. Lord knows where the plant came from - probably some kitchen scraps. A whole basket full of Jaboticaba this crop! Some Tamarillos, a Pomegranate and possibly the last of this years Dragonfruit.
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  • Thanks Dianne for the invitation, I will certainly check it out as it would be a great opportunity but I usually coach on the weekend so not sure if I can make it.

  • I made some SHRUB Dianne (non alcoholic) but I seemed to have a reaction to it last night - bloating. Might be the sugar content as I drink carbonated Kombutcha every day without any ill affects. Will try it again over the weekend.

  • Lissa, sorry I missed this photo. What a big haul of Jaboticaba, they look fabulous. I think a drink would be what to aim for if it were me, something refreshing for a hot day spent in the garden. I would love that pumpkin, it is saying to me 'Pumpkin Soup' or 'Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Curry'.

  • Jacqui, we are taking a trip (as a BLF group) down to Daley's Fruit Nursery in May if you are interested in joining us. To find out more go to Groups, then Garden Visits, then hit the Daley's Visit. That would be a good opportunity to buy yourself Jaboticaba and choose the one you want (you never know you might see something else you can't live without).

    I have just planted one and it is going very well.

  • Thanks Lissa, I am just on my way out but look forward to having a good read when I return. Three years sounds good to me.

  • Jacqui - Here's the link to the BLOG about this tree. From planting around 2010 it started producing it's first fruit in 2013 so only a three year wait.

    Crop has doubled each time and it's a repeat cropper thoughout the year.

    Susanne - lol. If I'd realised I had a basket full on the tree I would have offered you more to take home. Next time ok :) I'm not big on jam myself. Just don't eat sugary food that much, but I was in a Jaboticaba mood last night and broke out a jar Roger had given me. Ate it with peanut butter on toast and it was delicious.

    If I have excess I would like it turned into something drinkable. Going to have to get myself one of those little set ups Andy showed us at the GV at his place.

  • Lissas Tamarillos are amazing, the tree is dripping with the golden drops, I thought mine was doing really well this year till I saw Lissas.
    The Jaboticaba ... Yummy... I was a thinking of stealing back under cover of darkness but from the look of that basket the trunk and branches have been striped, Lissa you must have seen the evil gleam in my eye :)
  • Just had a look back on your old Jaboticaba posts Lissa and from what I can tell it took about 5/6 years to fruit and grows to small tree. I will definitely have to have a try when I get the opportunity.

  • Fermenting as in turning into alcoholic drink? I believe they would be good for that but have never tried it. This is the first time I have had such a good harvest.

  • Looks good, enough food for a few days. My Jaboticaba didn't flower this time round. Are the fruits suitable for fermenting. I did find a persimmon hiding down low on the tree.
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