That time of the year again

Yum! It’s strawberry time. Only 1 per day at the moment but soon - heaps!
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  • thanks for the growing tips Susan - I'll have to get onto it

  • They don't call them 'Redland's Joy', Christa - just 'Joy'. Could be there are issues with using the 'Redlands' part??? Or just another one altogether. They were a nice-tasting berry, but never gave me more than one year.

  • Barbara, If they are Redlands Joy, then they are usually a nice tasting strawberry.  I have tried a few over the years, Alinta, Alpine, Temptation, Amsterdam Roze, Lowanna, RedGauntlet, White pineberry and many more I have forgotten the names.  Each time hoping I would get the old fashioned type.  

    The breeders are growing them for different seasons now, and this means different day-light hours. I suppose they want strawberries all year round.

  • Well, yours certainly look great. I do replant with the runners from the year before, but all I get in the second year are leaves - no berries! I might try again next year, and, like Christa follow your recipe exactly, and see how I go. A bit late for this year. The ones I have been using are "Joy" from Green Harvest. Maybe I should try a different variety.

  • Hi Barbara, nope these guys are 4 yrs old.  Of course they are not the original plants but the runners.  In summer once they stop producing, I take them off the fence and put in a sheltered position where I tuck the runners back into the pot.  Then in March/ April, I get the pots and dig out all my strong healthy runners to be repotted straight  away into fresh mix then (3 per pot)  back out on the fence. I also repot the other runners about 40 into 2 pots for replacement plants.  The healthy mothers and any excess plants I take to garden visits or to work to give away (30 plants given away at work this year).  This year, I have 15 pots on the fence plus I have about 20 plants in the ground for some more which may or may not give me fruit depending on the critters.  

  • That strawberry is so tempting to pick Fiona, with more behind it. 

    Thank you Susan for sharing, I always knew you were a good strawberry grower. I will do exactly that and see if my ruby gems succeed.  

    I think these ruby gems are one year plants, Barbara, but the runners are ready to grow with flowers on them. Usually the strawberry plants with the smaller stem attachment, has great runners every year.  Hard to get them now, they are nearly all hybrids.

  • Do you get new stock each year, or are you able to keep them going for a few years? I find I have to replace them every year. 

  • If your interested on how I grow these. 
    wicking pot 1/2 filled with cheap or recycled potting mix and top 1/2 filled with 50:50 mix of coco peat and Searle’s premium potting mix.  Light sprinkle of pelletised organic fertiliser (reapplied every 6-8 weeks) and light covering of sugar cane mulch.  

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