My fav squash all-rounder: Tatume.Sweeter than Zucchini. But not a pumpkin flavour. Easy to grow. Prolific. Tasty.Versatile in the kitchen.I let these grow a bit bigger than I prefer...but with these, there are a few feeds on offer. Great in stews.There's more on the vine -- a vine which is not as big as Trombonchino will become.Texture is softer than a butternut. Closer to Zukes.But DO NOT get Tatume mixed up with Mexican zucchini or Chilacayote.Chilacayote is a bit bland.
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  • Where did you get the seeds?  Would love to have a go at growing them

  • I had no luck with the buggers.  Vines died. 

  • The Tatume is much more generous harvest than growing chilacayote.

  • well done - we havent had any success with any of these except chilacayote 

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