Tash's Bday Dinner

The final product was all home grown with the exception of Salt, and Blue Cheese Salad Dressing (Tash's favourite dressing).
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  • Do you remember the show "The Good Life"- thats how I look at what you produced for Tash -  lucky girl

  • The photo below are 2 plants from the dutch cream horizontal potato plant harvest (mentioned in previous comment below). These 2 of 3 plants were dug up 2 weeks before the 3rd plant in the main 'dinner' photo. After cleaning, they were incredibly prefect looking potatoes.34637175?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • No potato secrets Susan, I put different types of potatoes in many different situations, with the worst performers in a large and poorly prepared soil bed, this bed had all 4 types of potatoes and all 4 types had rot type issues in that particular bed resulting with around 1/3 of the harvest being rejected. The largest bed had a lower organic material content, with silt/clay present resulting in patchy wet areas within the soil.

    Both lots of potatoes in this shot were in beds that had well drained, very high, evenly distributed organic material content. Both beds had close to, if not 0 rejected on harvest. The Dutch cream potatoes go, look and taste really well. These started on the edge of a garden in a crusher dust, deco and aged manure mix. When they were large enough, I laid them horizontally and put a crusher dust and compost mix over the main part of the plant.
    The king Edwards in this shot came from a wicking bed, low water reservoir level (most of the time) and watered from the top most of the time, topped up with 100mm of compost when the plants got larger ... On harvest, I just reached my hands into the bed, and lifted most of the potatoes and plant out ... The wicking bed mix was fluffy and just slightly damp.
  • How damn good is that???!!!!  You've inspired me again mate. 

  • Look at those potatoes!!! What is your secret :)

  • Getting the balance is tricky. I find at this time of the year all I have really is herbs and greens. The rest is growing.

    "Real" farmers must have a lot of knowledge about balancing their crops out so they always have food.

  • Thanks Lissa, I boiled the chip cut potatoes quite soft before baking, then salted & baked in rice-bran oil (ah there's another ingredient used).

    I have had a really good produce run over the past few months, however I can see a slow-down from the current pace due to lack of succession planting & keeping too many plants for seed & and not enough gardens in general.

  • You are so living the life! :) This photo is the epitome of what everyone here is trying to achieve in their own gardens.

    Love the way you oven cook your chips btw. I always cut mine into chunky wedges but will try these little slices next time.

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