Talkin' 'bout my girls...

They were purchased today. 3 little ISA Browns.
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  • I bought them as ISA Browns.  They are hybrids though - which suits me because they should be good layers and fairly placid


  • What breeds are they?

  • Very cute -> I'm now officially a chicken stalker.

  • So 1 week later and they are starting to grow tail feathers.  I think they are at least twice the size now, maybe more.  It's incredible how fast they are growing.  We also had to change food bowels tonight - that lid couldn't hold enough.  Tomorrow, they get their first play outside. 

  • Never be bothered about giving me good advice Valerie!!!!  and don't under-estimate my slowness - sometimes you gotta type slow so that I can read it...  

  • OUps I'll delete this comment as I have just seen Susanne's aha.

  • Sounds like it Valerie. 

  • Thanks.  I know very little about chookies. 

  • You may not want to just add one, she will be picked on, so from now on its 2 or more at a time (different breeds are ok)
    I've found even then that they need to be introduced slowly, have their own temporary space in sight but out of pecking reach of the existing flock until both lots get used to seeing each other. The new ones when introduced like this seem to enjoy a strong lasting friendship bond even after settling into the larger flock.
  • LOL.  There is indeed mate.  I am repurposing the old kennel from the huskies.  

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