Sweet Potato Muncher 02

Here is the offender. It looks a bit like a lady bug but is much flatter and has a voracious appetite for leaves. Does anybody know what this insect is and how to control it?
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  • I have them this year for the first time also.

    Are they doing that much damage that you need to remove them? Or eating just a little?

  • Yes but I still haven't worked out how to get rid of them except by laboriously checking every leaf and crushing the ones I find. I'm also curious to know where they came from as they only turned up a month ago and I haven't planted any new SP or Kangkong for months. I guess I won't be sharing any SP slips with anybody soon :O/

  • Well there you go - I've been thinking this was a larval form of one of the lady beetle. Good find Phil.

  • Terrific, thanks!

  • Just found it Elaine - a type of Tortoise Beetle (see here)

  • Could be this one.

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