Steamed Jade Perch

Aquaponics Jade perch & Tomatoes & Garlic Chives steam baked with Wicking Bed Lemon Basil and from the soil garden some lemon grass.
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  • NIce fishy :)

  • Hi Barbara, here's the shot answer ... This one took 15 months from 8cm.

    Here's the longer answer ...

    The Jades arrived as 8cm fingerlings in August last year. Mine grow unevenly (usually 2 to 3 larger ones in a tank at any one time), this may be due to tank size (1 tank at 640 Litres & 1 tank at about 900 Litres) and dimensions (square rather than round).

    I harvested the first 2 fish in March 2015, 7 Months after the fingerlings arrived. One was 28cm and the other was 26cm. Although they were long (and looked wide), I have noticed a more desirable thicker fillet with the 12+ month old recent harvests.

    They seem to get to 25cm really quickly (at around 6 months in warm weather) and the next 5cm is very slow, but during the post 25cm growing, their width and height increase a fair bit.

    Their growth slows down over winter, pending on tank temperature.

  • That's quite a fish, Rob. How long do they take to reach that size?

  • One of 2 fish harvested for dinner, this was the largest to date at 30cm.34637094?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • That looks, and sounds, so good.

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