some hidden gems

Sweet potato growing deep in the hard soil. Many impossible to get to.
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  • Phil - I'm yet to empty the three bags to check if I still have three varieties. 

    This is indeed the white/purple. Not a lot of purple on the inside but was good eating. Big chunk of it still under the ground I couldn't get out.

  • And if you don't get it out, will be sending up shoots to take over your garden again :) 

  • That one looks like a white-purple variety and certainly is a real monster. Would it be edible or too woody? Also, Lissa did you end up growing all the varieties despite the issues you had earlier in the year?

  • You said your Sweet Potatoes were getting out of control. Well it looks like they are going to keep you toiling for a while. When you said it was beginning to take over the backyard, I hope they don't go too far down.

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