Snaggery in the Chorizo style

In life, one must embrace their own personalised quest. There are some ruled by feel good memes, but I want to make chorizo.Chorizo is a spicy pork sausage which is a snag hybrid in many cuisines around the food eating world -- from Goa to Madrid. Mexico City to New Orleans.My past sausage makings were nothing to crow about, but my continuing disappointment with local butchers offerings has encouraged me to try my hand making my fav exotic snag.DIY is also a lot cheaper than what even Hans charges for their poor approximation.I do not have a smoker and I'm a hesitant 'fermenter of meats' for fear of poisoning myself -- but herein I have made my first batch.The makings sure dug deep into my spice supply!I used my Food Dryer in pursuit of that small good style. And for a beginning, I'm displaying some promise.No nitrates, of course.
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  • Add some olive oil to the mince.  Oldest snagging trick in the book. Handy when doing chicken bangers too. 

  • My device is a Vacola tubey thing for jerki. Much better than the full sausage metal rig and the pain of home mincing. 

    All that clean up!

    I just gotta get a fattier way to blend my mince as all this low fat approach to loose meat sabotages banger making.

    Otherwise, this is a quick convergence of flavour and texture. I have made a batch without casings, as I posted about before. A bit thin, but very tasty.

  • I think I might have to venture back into the world of snaggery myself.  I haven't done it for a while and really do love a home made banger. The best part is you can make whatever banger takes your fancy. 

  • Yes I never thought to dry age it like that either. That was a game changer. If I stick to smoked spices as in smoked paprika and chipotle I've working a few great hacks. I did not do the best prep, but taste and texture is in the porcine ballpark.

  • The best breakfast I ever had was in Los Angeles at a market. A Mexican guy cooked scrambled eggs with jalapenos and chorizo that was absolutely delicious, that was 10 years ago and I remember it like yesterday. Five minutes from my place is a deli called Adams. They are pretty famous in Brissy amongst the Eastern European community and they make a very good chorizo. I am still not at the stage of making my own, one day!

  • I'd never thought to dry age it like that.  I'd love to know how this goes mate.  

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