Septoria leaf spot on celery

Septoria leaf spot on celery
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  • They were grown from seed and very tightly packed. Quite possible there wasn't enough goody to go around.

    Will stick to a few (probably bought) seedlings in future.

  • I think thin celery might be related to not enough calcium available in the soil. I got thin celery the second year I planted it, when I hadn't added extra minerals (slack -> small children and renovations, thought the soil was good enough to go again with just manure - wrong!), but the third time I added dolomite and blood and bone as well as manure and the celery was good again. Not as good as the first year in the same no dig garden when I bought brand new mineralised compost in - so I guess I still didn't add enough. 

  • wow, funky :)

  • Delicious Scarlett

    I made a Youtube video on growing organic celery if you are interested. It's here...


  • My last lot was really small and thin - perhaps a different variety from the first or different time of the year. Would have to read back through the blogs - this is where they come into their own.

    Yours is nice a thick and juicy looking.

  • Yes, exactly. It's pretty good! Not stringy, not dry :)

  • Chop it off and the rest will be fine.  Looks like good celery.

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