A salad use to be just lettuce, tomato, red onion & chives.Thanks to BLF inspiration, it's now 40% of the ingredients mentioned above, plus many of the plants in view (not the Canna Lilly).Perpetual Spinach, Red Giant Mustard, Wasabi Rockett, Madagascar Beans, Carrot, Mustard Mizuna, sweet potato tips, kale, Okinawa Spinach
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  • Love the different colours you have available. 

  • Yes I was thinking the same - a green manure crop.

    Lissa, I haven't had that problem with Mushroom plants yet and I've found that they are as easy to propagate from branches as Okinawa spinach.

    Rob - I let my cranberry hibiscus seed so I have loads of seeds to give away. As you probably know I like the security of seed saving. This plant is really worth growing (see here) with the unfortunate caveat of having high levels of oxalic acid. Otherwise I would be eating loads of it every day.

    Also, I managed to grow Nasturtiums this winter so I think it is the temperature that makes it hard to grow in our backyards. Suggest giving it another go.

  • Dave, perhaps they were used as a cover crop and incorporated into the beds. Mustard helps with nematode issues too.
  • When the refugee gardens were developed at the Green P racecourse farm in Deagon, the Rohingyas (or San I think they were) planted all beds with mustard greens.

    I needs to ask 'em why? 

    There's fewer mustards growing today but I couldn't comprehend how anyone could take to so much of the stuff.

    In Burma they're pickled .As Mohnyin tjin they're the Burmese version of Kimchi.


  • Mushroom plants die at the drop of a hat I've found. I'll bring some cuttings for Cranberry Hibiscus to your GV. Could have given you some the other day :/ Good time to get them in with all this rain though it's incredibly hardy.

  • Thanks guys, not all parts of my gardens are looking like this, it's actually the nicest looking section out of all of them at the moment.

    Thanks for the listings of additional salad friends guys ... for some reason, I cannot grow Nasturtiums :/ and I must get hold of a Cranberry Hibiscus,

    I overcrowded my mushroom plant to death, so I'll have to give this one another shot.

    James, what does pigweed look like? there seem to be a few edible weeds named this.

    Dave, I've noticed I have a liking to so many plants in the Brassicaceae family, so thanks for another tempting plant to chase. You and Lissa collect some really nice plants and seeds from the Caboolture Markets ... I'll have to get there sometime soon.

    The Wasabi Rocket is an awesome plant. It has a very similar taste and strength to Giant Red Mustard, although both Phil and I agree that the Giant Red has slightly less bitter and maybe a little sweeter and smoother.

    Both are the closest taste (and strength) to the wasabi paste you get at most sushi shops. I love the stuff  (it's really mostly horseradish and sometimes a very small percentage of wasabi).

    Wasabi Rocket's flowers' attract both honey bees and native bees. It seems to be less attacked by cabbage moth, but not completely immune to them. The seeds are smaller than watercress and a little difficult to collect, as the pod splits open when you attempt to pick. I will start collecting the seeds for future reserves, yourself and others.

    I purchased 4 seedlings from Bunnings, they were labeled as Eruca Sativa, however the habit, leaves and flowers look identical to Arugula Wasabi (Diploaxis erucoides variant).

  • At the Cab Mkts they sell wild rocket -- Diplotaxis tenuifolia-- which is always handy to have in a greens patch liuke yours. Not as peppery as regular arugula -- but with much smaller leaves.

    But your Wasabi Rocket sounds very interesting -- but then maybe I won't like being punched in the head.

  • WOW! Looking great Rob, A good salad could include Nasturtium flowers, Dandelion leaves, Cranberry Hibiscus leaves, then some weeds:- Pig weed, Chickweed, and  Milk thistle leaves.

  • Looks like you have a salad jungle there Rob!

    Add a few others such as cranberry hibiscus, mushroom plant, cress varieties, different herbs and you will be well over 50% of the salad mix. Well done.

  • I really need to plant more greens, yours look fantastic

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