Rosella Drink

I've been living under a rock, believing Davidson's Plum had a unique taste. There's not much difference between the taste of DP Drink and Rosella Drink.I took the fast drink option, avoiding the jam. Just boiled water and added those outer fruit shells to the water, stirred and let sit for 30mins. Then made it icy cold. I am a little naughty and add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the glass which really enhances the flavour. It tastes awesome!Thanks for the Rosella reminder Phil.
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  • BTW Rob, I must make this drink!  I love the look of it.  LoL Elaine, it may just be that I don't grow them that well and they don't take off :)  I do collect the rosella's over a period of 3-4 months and store them in the freezer until I'm ready to make jam - it's not like it is one big harvest.  Jacqui, you might get some. I would make sure you have it in a sunny spot that will stay warmer.  I find that as soon as it gets colder, I start having lots of problems with aphids crawling into the fruit - at that point I rip it out and start making jam.

  • Thank you Susan for the tip.  I will grab another this week to make it two, sounds like a good number. I am not expecting to get as good a harvest as you but it would be great to get enough to make Rob’s cordial.

    Rob I’m such a new gardener everything is a trial but I will definitely keep you updated on how my autumn/winter sowing goes.

    Oh Susanne it’s nice to know I am not the only one running late but you are still way ahead of me. It certainly sounds like they grow quickly in the warm weather. I would be really interested in how they go with the later planting.

  • Jacqui I planted mine late (December) and they are only flowering now so I am hoping they will still give me some fruit.
  • I love the speed (from garden to drinking) that you can make this drink Dianne, especially when a few ice cubes are thrown in.

    Thanks heaps everyone for their experiences and hints with Rosella, it'l all help me (an others) get rosellas growing come spring/summer and store some after, if there's any left behind (thanks for the drying and dry times info George).

    Susan, great idea with the roses, I'll try to convince Tash to use her rose garden for same.

    Jacqui, it looks like opportunity has come along for a cold weather growing trial, please give us an update on how this goes.

    Thanks for the seeding method Jeff, I'll give this a go. What colour are the mature seeds?

  • Ah Susan, I gave mine too much space by the looks of things. Perhaps plants squeeze themselves into the space available. Only 2 plants for so much jam! Woo hoo - great growing!

  • This drink looks so good and refreshing for a hot Summer's Day. I will certainly be growing Rosellas next Spring.

  • I disagree Elaine with regards to taking a lot of space.  I shove mine in around the garden wherever I have room and as long as they have water, they grow well and  don't spread too much at all.  I have one on a narrow path between a fence and the beehive.  Admittedly, I don't go past it often, but when I do, it's no drama to scoot past.  Hi Jacqui, I find 2 plants will normally be enough for me to get all the rosella's I need to make about 8 jars of jam.  I think they are a beautiful plant with their bright red stems and would look good anywhere.   Next year, I'm shoving mine inbetween roses.  34637618?profile=original

  • It looks like I did the Bunnings thing, I just brought a small rosella plant thinking it was an ok time to plant, didn’t realize they are best planted in spring. I couldn’t resist it. so will just have to keep my fingers crossed.

  • Rosella is related to hibiscus that's why it is just about a drought resistant plant in Brisbane and can be planted outside of your irrigated garden area. The calyx can be dried on trays in the sun to be used as tea whole year. Calix is used in commercial tea mixes, it is usually described as wild hibiscus as a ingredient.34637628?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • If you want to collect the seed cut the outer red part off  and leave  the seed  pod  to develop on the plant  less chance of mold .If left for too long will spill out when pod opens.

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