From 4 bought seedling Roma plants, we picked just over 1 kg per plant. Not all are ripe yet; most of the green ones are mature enough to ripen and they will go towards the sauce. The green ones which stay green become 'Fried Green Tomatoes'. Not only a film but a delicious dish! Some green toms are sweeter than others: Burkes' Backyard and Rouge de Mamande are particularly sweet when green. How the Romas go is anyone's guess at this stage.
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  • Nice Elaine! We picked our first toms of the season yesterday. I think I was thinking sauce when I planted them all - I should have gone for more romas/eggs/san marzano, I think, but any home tom is a blessing.

  • I feel what you say Elaine. I have an entire bunch of bananas to process through the dehydrator - big job. Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to spend 10hrs of my day driving and working for my paid job.

  • True. And knowing you've got to do it all again when you finish the last bottle … I can tell you Andy, the intervening 20+ years since I started making stuff, makes the difference between really enjoying the adventure and seeing all the produce with a jaundiced eye.

  • and it's the feeling of "I did this."

  • We're chuffed. But my! it's a long and complex process to make something from one's own produce. Although I suspect that's coz I'm 20+ years older than when I made my first batches of Tomato this-n-that at age 50. One dog for company, a 'how to' book, 15kgs of greenish Tomatoes, lots of vinegar and so on. This had better be the best ever Tomato sauce!

  • Awesome Elaines! Looks like lots of fun with the puree machine.

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