Reshaped Mulberry Tree

Reshaped Mulberry Tree
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  • Your mulberry looks great. I will definitely have to try something similar once my mulberry gets some branches. I purchased a dwarf about six months ago which I have in a large pot, it is mostly just a single stem which took off once I planted it and was reaching for the heavens so I nipped out the growing tip hoping it will send out some branches next spring.

  • Wow. I might have to try something similar.

  • Love that area, we used to go there often, lucky you, I just love Mulberries. I am hoping that ours fruits well next year now there is more sunshine after the removal of a tree.

  • Was down at the junction of the Brisbane and Bremer rivers yesterday (outing with our clients) and lo and behold there was a fruiting mulberry on the bank. Hanging over a deep drop off so I had to be careful - but a couple of us managed to get some fruit to eat.

  • For some species, 'dwarf' is relative - eg Avocados, 3 m instead of 7 - it still means a ladder or long-handled picker to get the fruit 10 feet up in the air.

    With deciduous trees, your secateurs or lopper are your friends. You say how high the tree grows.

  • This looks good.  I have found that my "dwarf" mulberry is not so Dwarf after all.  At this point, I've just cut it back but this may be more effective.

  • Very impressive technique. I only wish I had more land...

  • Hi Dianne :- If you look at the right side you'll notice my Passion fruit pagoda and now the vines are scrambling over the mulberry tree, this will weigh down the new growth and won't bother the tree as it is approaching its dormant stage, Next August the passion fruit will be finished and I'll prune the vines back. " A Biological Trellis ". Also on the left side there is Tommy tomatoes producing and again:- use of a biological trellis.

  • Hi Christa:- the center is about 8 feet or 2.4 meters to the top and I have a bath tub beneath as a worm farm so I stand on that to reach the fruit, the rest of the tree tapers down so is easy. I don't have any branches under so access is very easy.

  • James, it looks great, as soon as I have a taker who wants to dig out my Raphis Palm which is right next to my Dwarf Black Mulberry that is what I intend to do.

    You will also find by putting the branches under stress bending, it will also fruit more. 

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