red okra flower & fruit

Okra (red)Abelmoschus esculentus MoenchThe red okra plants seem to be coming to an end with a large simulations production of fruit at the top.
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  • Great shots Rob.  I've decided to have a crack at the pods of it's close relative - the Egyptian Spinach. 

  • And I better correct the giant 10cm to 10mm.

  • I thought Leafcutter as they carry the pollen under their bellies like that, but they usually curl their abdomen over their backs. 

  • I'm not too sure what type of bee this one is. It is about 10cm long, not a stingless. At a guess, after looking at aussiebee, a leaf cutter (genus Megachile) of some sort.

  • Another unpaid worker, Rob. (the bee I mean).   Good photography, you captured it well.  Thanks for showing us.

  • She is drowning in pollen, you will have to stop growing such healthy plants Rob, lovely pic.

  • Gorgeous pics of the bee Rob :) She's bathing herself in pollen.

  • In the interest of biological accuracy … HERself.

  • This bee was dabbing himself in Okra pollen this morning.34637498?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024


This reply was deleted.