Queensland Fruit Fly

In the past week, I've seen these guys on the raspberries, mulberries and nectarine. I have put a trap in the nectarine tree. I've also caught a few and fed them to the fish.
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  • After trying every type of organic fruit fly control I now net all my fruit trees after fruit set. I use vegie net as other types of covers are ripped off by flying foxes. Works out as the cheapest solution in the long run and I have pristine fruit to harvest. Covering also increases the brix level.  I have tried netting tomatoes but had problems with tomato russet mites so now only grow cherry tomatoes. I net capsicum but eggplants seem to be immune. Now my biggest problem is the native cucumber fly which stings cucurbits starting at flowering stage and other fruit while it is still green or even after it is picked. These fly's are not attracted to fruit fly lures and the only fruit they seem uninterested in is cucumbers.

  • The ultimate fate for a pest to be fed to fish which are to be eaten! Elegant cycle.

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