Quail growout cage.

Need more grow out space. My lawn is getting stinky and covered in flys from tractors full of quail. Started building a stacked cage today for growouts that will be eaten.
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  • Sid -my thoughts exactly!!

  • I have 5 birds that I've been putting off doing as well.  I'm happy to show you.  I'll take the others out of the freezer and do a canning session too, if you are interested.  Doug, you might like to get in on that bit as well. 

    Remember the golden rule of quail dispatch:  if you enjoy it then it's time to stop.  A food necessity doth not a fun time make.  

  • Sounds great Doug. Keen to find out if I'm a sudden vegetarian or if I have quails in my future!

  • Sure. I have more eggs going into incubator tonight. They will hatch in another 18 days, so not this weekend or the next but the next one. I will be processing some of my 90 growouts on the same weekend. Happy to show you how I go about it then.

  • Me too!

  • Hey Doug/Andy, next time you do a batch may I possibly come to assist? I'm keen to learn everything involved as a test to see if I can realistically manage the process so I can integrate it into future planning

  • That looks similar to the set up of the lady from which I bought the (chicken) pullets. Very industrious. 

  • I didn't stop to think about live versus dressed.  Eliza is up the sunshine coast - I'll get some birds and we can do some swapping to mix them up Doug.  I could never master the auto-waterer.  I might need to beg to get you to help me hook one up.  

  • Update- finished the cage this arvo. Going to add another level once this lot is in the freezer.  Putting a water chamber on a float hooked to mains that will gravity feed 3 cups in each pen. Also will mount J feeders in the centre.7006293674?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I kept all the numbers Andy. A 300g quail weighs 180g when dressed and that has bugger all bones in it as the backbone is removed. My larger breeding stock  are about 400g. When I replace them I will check the yield. My growouts will be ready in another 3 ish weeks, I should bring some round then to try. Here is a pic of some numbers. First bunch was weighed only after butchering second lot did both. Need to put this in excel.6994011690?profile=RESIZE_710x

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