Purple Yam

Tuber bought from the fruit market some time back. It took quite a while to shoot but now I now it's a Purple Yam (mainly thanks to the presenters at Yandina Community Garden at the workshop the other week). Very pretty purply-tinted stems and leaves.
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  • I don't know what to expect flavour wise from these yam as have never eaten them. I have a non-purple variety growing in the backyard but haven't been game enough to give them a go - very ugly looking thing without the "hairs" scrubbed off.

  • It's in a pot.. Last year it was growing for 1 full year, and when I harvested it, it was the size of a pepino..not much flavour too.. So I cut the top part of it and buried into the ground.. Viola it's growing again.. Decided to provide a trellis this year as last year I had the leaves just growing across the lawn... I think I bought my yam from Inala markets... My jicama has taken off but everything else died.. The choysum looks like it had shrunk...
  • Growing yours in a pot also...or down at the community garden Matt? I have more coming up from tubers bought from Yandina Community Garden. Will have to find somewhere to plant it out. I have Jicama ready to plant out also - just waiting for the soil to soften up a bit.

  • ooo.. mine looks the same too!!

  • Just huntin' for stuff that will grow in our region Andy :)

    Been too disappointed trying to grow regular potatoes, though I have a hopefull that I'm trying out at the moment courtesy of Joseph, from the asian markets.

  • Nice.  You continue to be a source of inspiration Lissa. 

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