Purple King beans

Aren't they purty :)
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  • I love Scarlet runner beans - and I love the fact they create a yam as well, which you can eat - although I am yet to try it. I have them growing here in Victoria, and they are flowering nicely :)
    I find you have to pick them quite young, they go leathery pretty fast, but once they're too leathery I squirt the beans out and use them like dried beans except they're fresh, or I also like the dried beans as a pantry staple for soups etc

    I'm keen to try the yam though!


    I did try growing them in Brisbane, but no dice.

  • Scarlet Runners just don't like our 'warm' winters ... there were a few pods, flat and quite tough. A friend used to grow them in Frankston, she salted the excess. Not tough I imagine grown in the right place. Purple Kings can be bought as commercial seeds, too.

  • You were getting me all excited about the Scarlett Runners there for a moment lol. Someone gave me these seed - wish I could remember who to thank them.

    This is a beautiful, healthy, productive and strong growing plant. Definately one to continue growing.

  • Altogether a ravishingly-beautiful plant! Maybe only exceeded in the Bean department by the Scarlet Runner - 'cept Purple Kings fruit here and Scarlet Runners don't.

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