Pumpkin Bag Removed

Pumpkin Bag Removed
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  • Did you want to try some of Dragonmans melon seeds James? I can post you some if not coming to a GV.

  • Heh Lissa :- found a female pumpkin flower this morning and hand pollinated and bagged, so here's hoping.

  • You poor sod lol. My heart weeps for you! Only 9.

    What's your track record with melons James? Did you want to try out some of the seed from Dragonman?

  • If we don't get more descent rain, then I'll  have to make do with  9 Jap pumpkins for Autumn.

  • I found one more female flower this morning so I have pollinated it and have fingers crossed for more rain.

  • Since the hot days returned, and no more rain, The vines have not produced any more female flowers.

    I have 8 successful fruit, and 2 no longer in a bag.

    Dianne how is your intruder going? I hope you are getting successful female flowers.

  • Yep Andy, you gotta have a gentle touch.  I've noticed plenty of European honey bees about, --- but if there's little black sugar ants robbing the female flower the bees don't go in. They take the pollen on the male flower though, usually no ants.

  • You must be an expert on pumpkin sex by now mate. 

  • Current score for the autumn pumpkin crop :-- 14 pollinated and bagged, -- 6 successful, 4 no good, 4 too early to tell. Pleeeeease,  more of that lovely wet stuff from the sky.

  • This pumpkin is now the same diameter as the 6.1 kg one I harvested early January and is still growing so fingers crossed for a new record.

    This morning I changed the small bag on another self pollinated one to a larger linen bag and the baby pumpkin is now about 5 inches in diameter. I also have another  but is still too small, I hope it wasn't stung, time will tell.

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