Preserved lemons

I let these lacto-ferment for a long time -- an extra 2 and a half weeks.Lemony ++++ in a rich syrup (but made from salt : no sugar).Great place to keep your harvest.MULTI-USES:
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  • Dianne, I'm sure you can add the spices.

    For instance: LINK.:Moroccan spiced style.

  • Different horses for different courses, if you like the flavour of what you have why not try a fermented batch with your spices and see. Would love a taste at a GV.
    I love my salt ferment preserved lemon as is, in fact so much so that I can't throw away the middle just using the rind as many recipes call for.
    But saying that brought to mind that I love my plain sauerkraut with a sprinkle of caraway yet I made the dill and lemon sauerkraut at Daves and it is superb too.
    Variety the spice of life :)
  • I have been making my Preserved Lemons for about 30 years though it is a Preserving Recipe I use. It has spices in it, a Cinnamon Stick, Cloves, Coriander and Pepper Corns, if I did the Fermenting Recipe do you think I could still add the spices as they do give a wonderful flavour to the Lemons.

  • Have to agree Dave, love my preserved lemons.
  • This LINK on the uses of salted lemons  got me going in a very creative way. These preserves go with anything! Mixed with mineral water they zing like a bitter lemon soda.

    I bought some spray free oranges today to follow up the citrus theme (see recipe LINK )...and I'm sorry that my lemon tree may not offer another harvest soon enough.

    I'm keen to preserve some limes too as a salsa essential.

    See recipe LINK here..

    I'd use some of my preserved lemons juice as a starter for the limes.

    While my initial keenness to ferment anything has slowed I find I am dependent on some of these ferments as kitchen essentials. For instance: for tea tonight I utilized preserved lemons, my salsa base/Chimichurri ferment (parsley plus...), homemade yogurt, fermented turmeric with pepper and the last of my chili paste.

    Got spray free Turmeric today for $10/kgm!

    We dined on  mulberry and Pepper leaf leaves stuffed with minced lamb, baked polenta coated in  Parmesan and a rich tomato salsa.

    We've gormandized so much sweet pepper/capsicum ferment that  I 'm left only with a wee bit of juice which I have to ration.

    In the wide world of fermentation, preferences are gonna rule the taste buds. The only complication is that the foods that go with your ferments are sure to vary. Sauerkraut may go with this and that, but kimchi prefers other partners.

  • I'm looking forward to using these. The lemons' skin was tough, thick and rough to begin with but now all the flesh is soft and succulent. I've been using fermented lemon peel (with cinnamon)  in cooking to very good effect -- but these are much more lemony. 

    I guess 5-6 weeks lacto fermenting in the crocks.It was an open ended option. 

    A real surprize as I found the commercial offerings extremely salty --and not my fav recipe addition.

    These zing!

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