Pineapple Flowers with Pup

A stem pup is just peeping out. Some plants make pups both stem and leaf ones and some don't. Can just see the flowers peeping out.
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  • Ornamental Pineapples like ornamental Grapes, are the 'same' plant as the edible ones. A different selection for a different purpose. I have seen ornamental Pineapples in the grounds of the Cairns swimming pool back in the '70s. They are just as spiky and I've no idea why anyone would grow them when for the same amount of garden space, you can grow a real Pineapple. I have no idea if the fruit is edible or even palatable.

  • What  are ornamental pineapples  do they get eatable pineapples i see some planted in the front of a new house been there for a couple of years and had fruit  and pups.

  • yummmmmmm

  • And theoretically they produce fruit a bit sooner than the tops - since from the beginning, I've not noted when each was planted, I can only guess how long some plants have taken to produce. Now I'm writing a planting date on a leaf hopefully to keep some kind of track of time.

  • Great photo, pineapple pups, they look interesting..

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