Long wait since the last crop, but here is the latest pineapple baby.
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  • I've found another out there producing a baby now also. These were all grown from the pups from my one and only fruit about two years back.

  • The mother plant will bear again but the fruit will be smaller. There is supposed to be 'slips' in between the leaf blades - these will produce a fruit in less time than the tops take. A small pot is OK but you would need to refresh the mix and add some fertiliser and keep up the water if you cannot plant it out. Suggested that using a bucket is OK - means about 8-9 L of mix to give the plant the best chance. They do transplant OK although I haven't done one which is currently fruiting. But do give it a handful of Organic Xtra (e.g.) or 5-in-1 or compost.

  • I just noticed one of my pineapple plant appears to be growing a pineapple! Although it's about 3 years old, but I didn't think it would fruit because it's in a small pot ~ do you leave the mother plant after you harvested, and it will bear again?

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