August Pineapple

Quite the biggest from our yard to date. Flavour is sensational ;-). Tricky to pick a Pineapple at the peak of ripeness. The old trick of pulling a leaf doesn't work for me. Worth the 2 years of waiting.
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  • Just a commercial one Dianne. Some years back I kept the tops from a few tasty bought Pines. What I grow now are either pups or tops from the next couple of generations.

  • Fabulous Elaine, do you have any idea of the Type?

  • Oh, I do love a nice ripe Pineapple dripping with it's Sweet Juice. 

  • That's a beauty Elaine :) Well done.

  • So far, so good Jeff. The skin might be a bit tough for birds but not rats I imagine. Snag with Pineapples as with Figs is that they do not ripen once picked. Nor indeed do Blueberries and Strawberries to mention a few. So I have wasted 2 years of garden space when picking a Pine too early and finding it was sour and inedible. Rock on the Paw Paws which can be picked at half-ripeness and enjoyed fully ripe and pest-free from the indoor fruit bowl.

  • If you leave to get too ripe may get part eaten by some of the local wild life first .

  • :-)

  • What a beaut!

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