Pile Of Beetles

I'm still trying to ID these guys. I believe they are a sap sucker of some sort. First noticed over 12 months ago in the mulberry tree, but seen since on many other plants (broccoli in this photo). I have not noticed any large negative impact on plants which they are seen on, but there must be some if they are sucking sap....Update, (Thanks Lissa) Its not a sap sucker at all. It is a nectar feeding beetle named bothMango Flower Beetle, andMottled Flower Scarab.Protaetia fusca of the family Scarabaeidae.
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  • That's a relief that they aren't a direct pest especially for Rob whose garden was full of them.

  • This is fantastic!! I noticed these guys around my garden the other day too and nearly killed them thinking they surely had to be sap suckers!! But, I decided to wait and check them out first - forgot about them - and then saw this here.  Glad to know I did the right thing through hesitancy then laziness :)

  • didn't know they were nectar-feeders. I used to see them in large numbers on the flowers of native trees. I guessed they were pollen-feeders so it's good to know what they really prefer (apart from xxx).

  • Thanks Lissa, it explains why I cannot see damage on the plants & trees they hang out on. They must be at it a fair bit... I see them in clusters more often than solitary.

  • They are a type of Flower Beetle Rob. Very common around these parts.

    From the Brisbane Insect website: Adults' mouth-parts are modified for nectar feeding.

    From the look of your photo it's a mess of boys trying to get at the girl at the bottom for some intimacy.

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