Pigeon Pea 1

Pigeon Pea 1
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  • Pity about the carpet python, they are no trouble. I am sure we walk right next to them and don't even notice them. We just see their skins when they shed. One of the skins is very large.  My only regret is not having frogs, due to the snakes. We still have 2 small dogs, cross our fingers they don't disappear.

  • Christa, we used to have a carpet python, but our next door neighbours on both sides are afraid of snakes, and I haven't seen it for a while. Also, I think they are getting rid of the tree snakes!!!!!

  • We have noticed the number of possums have really decreased in our yard and the number of carpet snakes have increased. This is natures way of handling problems, now we have too many happy healthy snakes. 

  • Damn possums are eating my newly sprouted chokos as well. They even ate my raspberry.
  • Bugger!

  • Your lentil/pigeon pea soup looked yummy, Andy. This is why I won't be making some any time soon - thank you possums!

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