Cropped the corn - rather disappointing again. Will have to look into corns likes and dislikes a bit more. Some other bits and bobs - all eaten for dinner.
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  • My plants usually give one "good" cob and one small cob for stirfries Jeff. Never experienced anything different.

    Two plants and two good cobs!! Well done you! I have given up (for the moment) on planting my own corn seed. Heirloom seed have proven next to useless sad to say. I buy seedlings from the market these days.

  • No luck getting corn to germinate may have bad seed or it was eaten but did prove two corn plants can pollinate because i had 2 crops of 2 corn plants and good 2 cobs .Does the type of corn grown give multiple cobs have only had one good cob.

  • Oh - no damage anywhere. Just the odd grub as normal.

  • Planted maybe 30 - some were definitely in too much shade at one end from the Bitter Melon. Cobs were generally smaller. Some plants - mostly those in the shadier area - didn't cob up at all. No useable secondary cobs this time.

    I'm careful with the watering as the last lot appeared to have a problem with me not giving enough water to those in the middle of the clump. "Appeared" being the operative word. All three plantings of corn this summer did not produce as well as previous and they all had slightly different weather conditions.

    Sometimes these things are just plain beyond our control I think. I have been using a lot of the composted horse poo in the beds for the last year.....???

  • How many plants did you plant Lissa and approx. how many cobs did you get? Were they smaller than they should have been or in previous years and had they damage on the tips? What did you have growing beside them and could it be that another vegi was taking more than it's fair share of the moisture in the soil?

  • Seems to be a common theme with a few people growing corn. Common cause might be the weather.

  • Trust me Lissa, your corn did better than mine this season.  Dismal is a good term for mine. 

  • I grow plants quite a bit closer than generally recommended. In the past I have had wonderful crops doing this in rich soil but this summer not so good. I feel a lot of it is pollination - the luck of having the conditions right on the day the plants release pollen.

  • And I really don't have lots of space as I have already turned over a lot of my Cottage Garden to Vegies I don't usually grow. I have seen the LIGHT...

  • My corn crop this year was very poor. Perhaps due to the lack of rain? They are a hungry plant and I'm still debating if they are worth growing. Different if you have loads of space and good soil.

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