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I always hope for some fruiting. It's on my bucket list.
But these wonderful cactii can reach 10 metres -- so you need to control their growth habit.
Since I have a few planted out I'm always watching what the branches get up to.
Unlike other succulents I've worked with, when you cut a thick branch of one of these they can be used as mulch without much chance of rooting -- as Prickly Pears will do so quickly.
But the nightime flowering -- and into late morning -- is very generous.
Bees love em.
So easy to grow.
Unlike the image, the trunks grow vertically.

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on May 8, 2020 at 12:36

Mine's probably too young and pot bound.  It's a single piece. 

Comment by Dave Riley on May 8, 2020 at 10:26

Here's what the neighbour's cactus looks like today:the fruits are stunning to look at.

Comment by Dave Riley on May 7, 2020 at 20:35

When growing cactii

One must keep and eye

On how it should die.

I told ya about the ready wish to sprout from remnants of  Opuntia -- prickly pear fam.

Fortunately this cactus -- this Peruvian apple  (Cereus repandus) is not as fecund. Cut  branches are hard to handle because of the spines and heavy , BUT if laid down horizontally they won't, in my experience, root.

Laid down I use them as a mulch. Laid against the bottom of a fence they will serve as barriers to dog activity. If yours, like one of mine, wants to testosterone bark at a next door canine.

Of interest to fellow members of Dragon Fruit Fanciers Club is that 'Pitaya" can refer to both Peruvian Apple and Dragon Fruit fruits as well as related species.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on May 6, 2020 at 23:04

Fantastic!  I'd never seen a fruit.  If you can get the new one fruiting, I'd love a ... cutting.. piece... 

Comment by Dave Riley on May 6, 2020 at 21:07

Much as i appreciate the flowers of what I call Peruvian Apple -- mine sets very few fruit which soon falls off.

However a neighbour has a very similar plant which now boasts a lot of large fruit.

This is surely the true Peruvian Apple. Obviously mine is but another columnar cactus.

The image tells the story. The flesh looks like the insides of white dragon fruit but tastes like...apples -- with a refreshing hit, akin to Granny Smiths.

I really like the taste. More crystallised than Dragon Fruit in texture and no where near as gooey.

I have a cutting going and each other day I pick from the cactus in my neighbour's front yard (she is 89 and doesn't partake as I got the embrace from her daughter.) On the plant the fruits look stunning and the plant is not as fast growing as my impersonator which really takes off.

Here cacti do very well. I know one guy here who has a yard full of hundreds of different succulent species -- and he moved here for the sand.

So if you are into Dragon Fruit -- this is another plant to put on your wish list.

My succulent edibles under cultivation are Dragon Fruit, Rock Samphire (Mediterranean), Prickly Pear and Peruvian Apple. I don't much care for the northern variety of Pigface but it grows along the shoreline here. There is an 'Australian native which is called Samphire which I hope to grow some day.  They are a different species to the European as they are Tecticornia. It is the twigs of Tecticornia indica  and Tecticornia lepidosperma that are harvested and eaten. but others are too and Tecticornia grows throughout Australia on salt effected soils.

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